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Is this for a disability claim?

Chicago Disability Lawyers

Bryant Legal Group PC is committed to getting you the insurance benefits you need and deserve. Our attorneys are considered among the best Chicago disability lawyers and frequently assist in disability, life, long term care, business overhead expense and key-person insurance claims. Whether your benefits come from your employer, union, or are privately purchased, our legal team is well equipped to help you win your case. With decades of collective experience, we not only know insurance law, we know the insurance industry inside and out. We work tirelessly to find the strategies that work with the insurance carriers to support new claims or to challenge denials or benefit terminations.

Unfortunately, obtaining the benefits you are owed is rarely as easy as it should be. Insurance companies are notorious for the tactics they use and will often reject even the most well-supported disability claims. Insurers put roadblocks in front of you that are perilous to navigate without proper counsel, and if mishandled, may risk the loss of the benefits that you have worked hard to pay for.

Here at Bryant Legal Group PC, our experienced Chicago disability attorneys and staff experts have an intimate understanding of how these companies operate and will work with you to get everything that you are entitled to under your policy.  We encourage you to contact us today for further assistance.  We will assess the issues giving rise to your dispute and help you develop a strategic plan moving forward.

Why Clients Turn to Bryant Legal Group PC

  • Single Focus. At Bryant Legal Group PC, we only represent insureds and individual employees against insurance companies and benefit plans. Because we never represent insurance companies, our clients trust that we will put their interests first, doing everything we can to help them get the benefits they deserve.
  • Longevity in the Field. Our attorneys have deep experience battling difficult insurance companies. We leverage the collective knowledge gained from our decades of work in the field to build powerful strategies that help our clients get the results they are looking for.
  • Client-Centered Solutions. Our disability attorneys in Chicago focus on doing what is best for our clients. We treat our clients as individuals and work with them to find solutions that best fit their specific needs and expectations.
  • Industry Insight. Our knowledge of the industry is a distinct advantage in litigation. We have deposed insurance executives at the highest levels and have long-standing relationships with in-house counsel at some of nation’s largest insurance companies.
  • Flexibility. We offer flexible fee arrangements and because we understand that it can be difficult to travel when you are disabled, our disability lawyers in Chicago, Illinois work to make travel to the office unnecessary.

What Our Chicago Disability Attorneys Can Do for You

At Bryant Legal Group PC, we are here to assist you from the beginning-to-end of your insurance benefits dispute. Our Chicago disability lawyers assist clients with all aspects of insurance coverage, including:

  • Reviewing new insurance policies for purchase
  • Evaluating existing insurance policies and benefits
  • Applying for benefits
  • Gathering documentation and resubmitting an application for benefits
  • Appealing the denial of claims and termination of benefits
  • Obtaining independent evaluations from qualified industry experts
  • Negotiating pre-trial settlements with the defendant(s)
  • Guiding clients through the complexities of the administrative appeals process
  • Litigating adverse benefit determinations in court
  • And more

The best Chicago disability lawyers understand that time is of the essence when it comes to resolving an insurance benefits dispute, and further, that legal guidance is critical at every stage of the dispute process — from evidence gathering and claim submission to the administrative appeal and eventual civil litigation.

If you have had your claim for benefits wrongfully denied or otherwise mishandled by your insurer, then we encourage you to get in touch with skilled disability lawyers in Chicago, Illinois here at Bryant Legal Group PC, and to do so promptly.

The statute of limitations — which is effectively a deadline for filing your claim — for insurance benefits disputes in Illinois is by default ten years from the date that of claim denial (or other adverse determination) only applies if your disability plan does not include its own time limit for legal action. In Illinois, such clauses are generally enforceable, though the limitations period must be a “reasonable” length (given the circumstances).

For example, if your disability benefits plan incorporates a lawsuit limitations clause that shortens the limitations period to 6 months and requires that the deadline period begin to run from the date of the claimed loss (i.e., the date of disability), then an Illinois court is likely to consider the length of time unreasonably short, and therefore unenforceable by law.

What Makes Us Different

Here at Bryant Legal Group PC, our Chicago disability attorneys have the experience and insight necessary to assist our insured-clients in insurance benefits disputes — from simple disputes involving hundreds of dollars per month in claims, to complex litigation that may involve millions of dollars in potential damages. We are committed to comprehensive, client-oriented legal advocacy, no matter how small or large the claim. This commitment is demonstrated by the fact that we restrict our case load in certain areas — specifically, employment law claims, Social Security disability and pension disputes — to ensure that we are capable of providing the requisite attention to detail and thorough representation that each client deserves.

In today’s legal industry, we strongly believe that the most effective attorneys are those who focus on a given area of law. Unlike many other firms, we don’t attempt to represent clients in a broad range of civil litigation. We’d rather do one thing very well: in our case, litigation involving a dispute over insurance benefits.

This focused approach has a number of benefits that are not necessarily obvious upon first impression. Not only are our attorneys particularly well-suited to handling claims on behalf of insureds — after all, our experience has given us a razor-sharp understanding of the contours of an insurance benefits dispute, and the strategies typically employed by insurers to avoid liability — but we keep meticulous records of our past legal work, which informs and guides our advocacy.

For example, if you have a rare disabling condition and submitted a disability benefits claim that your insurer wrongfully denied, we will be able to conduct research in our database on former clients with similar dispute circumstances (i.e., their occupation, conditions, and treatment) and develop a highly tailored strategy that is more likely to lead to a favorable result.

In many respects, we approach legal advocacy differently here at Bryant Legal Group PC. This approach tends to attract sophisticated clients who understand the unique value proposition that our experienced Chicago disability lawyers offer, and how it can give them a competitive edge in the dispute at-issue.

Our Firm Represents a Variety of Clients

Here at Bryant Legal Group, PC, we work with a wide variety of clients, from manual workers to white collar workers.  Over the years, however, as we have developed specialized experience in handling complex disability policies, our Chicago disability law firm has become uniquely effective at handling the sophisticated concerns of business owners and professionals, such as doctors, executives, and various others.

Generally speaking, the disability policies of professional and executive clients tend to be more complicated — there may be residual benefits issues, for example. Further, given the potentially high damages involved, the dispute is likely to be defended aggressively by the insurer. You will have to develop your claim with sufficiently strong evidence, including favorable expert testimony.

Proven Results

Our firm is results-oriented — we believe that our results speak volumes about the effectiveness of our legal representation. We pride ourselves and our extensive track record of success in obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. Over the years, we have secured millions of dollars in insurance benefits and damages, with representative cases that include, but are not limited, to:

  • $440,000 in past due benefits (in an employer-provided disability policy dispute)
  • $224,000 in past due benefits (in a dispute that involved an orthopedic condition)
  • $82,000 in past due benefits (in a dispute that involved degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, and sleep disorder)
  • And various lump sum settlements of claims brought against insurers

Here at Bryant Legal Group, PC, our Chicago disability lawyers are not content to merely secure a “win” on your behalf — we are committed to securing the maximum benefit that you are entitled to under your policy. For example, if you are entitled to $5,000 per month in disability benefits, but only obtain $2,000 per month in partial disability benefits, then that may be an untenable and unsustainable situation, given your circumstances. As such, we comprehensively identify, evaluate, and introduce documentary evidence in support of your claims. It’s important to us that the seriousness of your disability benefits claim is given due consideration.

Contact Our Disability Law Firm in Chicago for Assistance With Your Claims

Bryant Legal Group PC is a Chicago-based boutique litigation firm with a focus on the provision of comprehensive legal representation to policyholder-clients involved in insurance benefits disputes. We handle a range of disability benefits disputes, including those that arise from denial of private disability insurance claims, and ERISA-covered policies. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling such disputes, and as such, are well-equipped to advocate on your behalf. We understand the quirks of such disputes, and how best to guide you effectively through the administrative appeals process (if applicable) and — if it is necessary — through civil litigation.

Interested in learning more about your claim and how to proceed? Call us today at (312) 561-3010 or submit an online form to schedule a consultation with an experienced Chicago disability lawyer here at Bryant Legal Group PC. We look forward to assisting you with your dispute.

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Rated by Super Lawyers

Attorney Spotlight

  • David A. Bryant  –  David devotes his time to development of legal strategies against insurance companies whom persist in unfairly treating their policyholders and organization of information and documentation for use against those insurers.
  • Jennifer M. Danish  –  Jennifer splits her time between creating appropriate case development strategies and focusing on the details of what best will support any single case. She works closely with office staff to make sure that clients and their cases receive the attention that they need.
Meet Our Team

Our Practice Areas

Our disability law firm assists clients throughout Chicago, as well as nationwide, and from all walks of life with the following types of matters :

  • Insurance Law. Our attorneys handle all aspects of the insurance contract, from helping individuals and businesses purchase new policies, comparing insurance coverage, to applying for benefits, appealing and litigating insurance claims, and negotiating settlements.
  • Short & Long Term Disability Benefits. Our Chicago disability lawyers advise policyholders on potential short term and long term disability claims and guides them through all stages of the claims process, negotiation of lump sum settlements, all the way to state or federal court litigation.
  • Long Term Care. Our attorneys are familiar with the wide variety of long term care and hybrid long term care-life insurance products available today. We are dedicated to making sure benefits are paid under the policy terms.
  • ERISA Governed Benefits. Several employer-sponsored disability benefits are governed by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Our disability attorneys advise on ERISA claims and litigate cases involving the denial of benefits. 
  • Social Security. We help clients get answers and cut through the red tape associated with Social Security benefits. Our practice specializes in Social Security disability claims that coincide with long term disability claims, disability pension claims, or complex regulatory or disability adjudication issues.
  • Disability Pension. When individuals are wrongfully denied pension benefits our lawyers carefully investigate the matter to help our clients recover the disability benefits, retirement benefits, and healthcare coverage they are due.
  • Physician and Medical Practice Legal Services. Our Chicago-based firm helps physicians and medical practices navigate both routine business challenges and complex issues associated with operating in one of the nation’s most heavily-regulated industries.
  • Employment Law. Our lawyers counsel and represent employees in a wide range of employment law matters, from discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination claims, to non-compete, non-solicitation and severance agreements.
  • Qui Tam/False Claims Act. When whistleblowers have information about potential fraud or abuse against the U.S. Government, our firm helps them take action to recover money that was stolen in these schemes.
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"Mr Bryant, his partner Jennifer Danish and associate Steve Jackson were efficient, diligent and persistent towards finding a just resolution and favorable outcome for myself and my entire company."

"I used Jennifer Danish for a disability claim. Frustrated that I couldn’t get results myself I found her. She unearthed some issues my doctor did Not notify me of that affect the quality of my life. My end result was positive!"

"Mr. Jackson did an outstanding job in relation to my case. He insured I was. Both prepared as well as informed regarding the hearing. I would highly recommend his skills and personal dedication to the client."

"Though difficult for the obvious reasons, your involvement has made this process infinitely more tolerable. Please know of my sincere appreciation for your efforts. With Very Best Regards,"

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