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We Never Represent Insurance Companies

At Bryant Legal Group, we only represent people with claims against insurers and benefit plans. Because we never represent insurance companies, our clients know that we will do everything we can to help them get the benefits they deserve.

Our Experience and Reputation Speak for Themselves

Our attorneys have battled difficult insurance companies for decades and have earned a reputation as some of Chicago’s top insurance lawyers. And more importantly, we’ve also collected millions of dollars in insurance benefits for our clients.

We Deliver Client-Centered Solutions

Our clients are our top priority. We treat them as individuals and work with them to find solutions that meet their specific needs and expectations.

We Value Transparency

It can be difficult to travel with a disability. That’s why our team keeps our clients updated and communicates with them regularly, helping them avoid unnecessary trips to our Chicago office. We also offer flexible fee arrangements.

Deep Industry Insight

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about insurance company tactics and perspectives through depositions of high-level executives and intense negotiations with their in-house counsel. We leverage our collective knowledge to build powerful strategies and practical solutions.


Meet Our Team

When you work with Bryant Legal Group, you’ll benefit from a team of respected legal and medical professionals. Besides being skilled advocates, our team frequently publishes and presents their insights at a national level. 

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Our Blogs

UNUM’s Dirty Tricks: Tying Compensation to Denied Claims

July 7, 2020

UNUM is one of the United States’ largest insurers and is notorious for denying long-term disability claims. At Bryant Legal Group, we fight for disabled claimants, helping them get the benefits they deserve. Over the years, we’ve handled many claims against UNUM, both involving employer-sponsored and private insurance policies. In our UNUM series, our team of disability insurance lawyers will explore the many reasons behind the insurance company’s frequent denials. Here, you’ll learn how financial incentives can skew UNUM’s claim decisions. As UNUM Grew, It Inherited Lots of Expensive, Private LTD Policies For high-net-worth professionals, private long-term disability policies are […]

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Infectious Diseases and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

July 1, 2020

Today, more than ever, we’re painfully aware of how infectious diseases can dramatically impact your life. Whether you’re dealing with coronavirus, influenza, MRSA, C. Diff, or another disease, you’ll likely need time to rest and recover before you return to work. And, due to some diseases’ severe symptoms and long-term effects, you may become permanently disabled. At Bryant Legal Group, we want to help you regain control. Our disability insurance lawyers help people living with both acute and chronic diseases with their long-term and short-term disability claims. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of a disability claim involving an […]

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Denied Because You “Hid” a Condition From the Insurance Company? You Can Fight Back

June 23, 2020

You’ve paid your private disability insurance premiums on time for years. Then, when you file a claim for disability insurance benefits, you get a letter saying you “hid” a medical condition, and your policy is canceled or void. How can this happen? Most private disability insurance policies require that you tell the truth and accurately describe your medical conditions in an application. But even if you’ve been completely truthful, insurers will sometimes try to void your policy to get out of paying your short-term and long-term disability benefits. If you made a mistake on your disability insurance application or the […]

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What Do Own Occupation and Any Occupation Mean in Disability Claims?

June 16, 2020

When most of us think about “disability,” we define the term simply: you can’t work because of an illness, medical condition, or injury. However, when you apply for long-term disability insurance, you’ll discover that “disability” can mean many different things, depending on your policy. Unfortunately, many disabled individuals don’t realize that their policy’s language can have a profound impact on their right to benefits. This lack of understanding can lead to a lot of frustration and denied benefits. In this blog article, our disability insurance lawyers break down the difference between “own occupation disability” and “any occupation disability.” Read Your […]

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What Is ERISA? We Answer Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Questions

June 11, 2020

It can be hard to find reliable, understandable information about disability insurance law. Online search engines often confuse disability insurance and Social Security, which can lead to confusion and bad advice. At Bryant Legal Group, we focus our practice on disability insurance claims, handling both ERISA and private insurance issues. In this blog, we answer 10 of our clients’ most common short-term and long-term disability insurance questions. 1. What Is ERISA? ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. ERISA is a federal law that controls many employer-sponsored benefits, including disability insurance, retirement, and pension plans. Congress […]

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5 Things You Should Know Before You File a Mutual of Omaha Disability Claim

June 9, 2020

Mutual of Omaha is one of the country’s largest disability insurers, offering both short-term and long-term disability policies to employers and individuals. While Mutual of Omaha isn’t as notorious as UNUM or MetLife, the company still has a significant history of improperly denying disability claims. If you’re about to apply for benefits or file an appeal with Mutual of Omaha, get ready for a fight. In this article, our disability lawyers will introduce you to Mutual of Omaha, explain some of their tactics, and discuss ways you can improve your chances of getting short-term and long-term disability benefits. Meet the […]

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Can You Work Part-Time and Collect Disability Insurance?

June 4, 2020

For many people, returning to work after a serious illness or injury, even on a part-time basis, feels like an important milestone. Your role as a working person or professional is probably an essential part of your identity; getting back into the workforce can help you feel like you’re on the path to recovery. Some long-term disability (LTD) plans do allow people to attempt a return to work, but you’ll need to review your policy’s terms and conditions carefully. If you’re not careful, returning to the workforce may lead to termination of your benefits. In this article, the disability insurance […]

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Is Lyme Disease a Disability?

June 3, 2020

Lyme disease, like many so-called “invisible” chronic conditions, is often misunderstood. While many people quickly recover from the infection, others struggle with long-term fatigue, muscle aches, and cognitive difficulties. Lyme disease can make working and doing other things you love virtually impossible. At Bryant Legal Group, we help people struggling with Lyme disease and other chronic conditions get the disability insurance benefits they deserve. In this article, our short-term and long-term disability lawyers explain why Lyme disease is on the rise and describe what you can do to strengthen your disability claim. What Is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is the […]

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ERISA Claims and Exhausting Administrative Remedies: What You Need to Know

May 26, 2020

Before you file an ERISA lawsuit, you must follow a very specific process, and a single mistake can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, many disabled people don’t fully understand how ERISA claims work. In this article, our experienced disability insurance lawyers outline the basics of an ERISA claim, how to “exhaust your administrative remedies,” and when you can file a disability insurance lawsuit. What Is the ERISA Claims Process? ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) applies to most employer-funded benefit plans, including long-term and short-term disability policies. Many claimants mistakenly believe that this administrative appeals process will be quick […]

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Get Your Short-Term Disability Approved: 5 Ways to Improve Your Application

May 19, 2020

If you’re unable to work due to an injury, illness, or chronic medical condition, you may be eligible for short-term disability benefits. However, applying for disability insurance benefits isn’t as simple a process as you might imagine; it takes precision and a comprehensive legal strategy. Our ERISA lawyers at Bryant Legal Group are here to help. In this article, our attorneys outline five ways you can improve your chances of getting your short-term disability approved. How Does Short-Term Disability Work? Short-term disability insurance is supposed to cover some of your lost income when you’re unable to work due to an […]

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