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Disability insurance is designed to protect your income should you suffer an injury or illness that prevents you from working. In situations where the injury or illness is only temporary, you may be entitled to collect short-term disability benefits under an employer-sponsored short-term disability program. These benefits are available for a limited period of time, generally between nine weeks and a year, and cover a certain percentage of your salary. Additionally, under some plans, the short-term disability benefit is payable immediately, while other plans provide for a short elimination period.

An experienced Chicago short term disability attorney can help you determine your eligibility as well as assist you in filing a claim. Contact Bryant Legal Group for a no-risk evaluation of your disability insurance claims.

Our short-term disability attorneys can assist their clients with every aspect of their claims:

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Qualifying for Short-Term Disability Benefits

To qualify for short-term disability benefits, you must satisfy the different requirements of your employer’s plan. These requirements include meeting the plan’s definition of “disability” and remaining disabled both during and after any elimination period. Should your condition require you to be off from work longer than the maximum amount of time covered under the policy, you may be entitled to file a claim for long-term disability benefits.

Filing a Short-Term Disability Claim in Chicago

If you are filing a claim for short-term disability benefits, you will need to either submit your claim through your employer’s human resources department or directly with the insurance carrier, depending upon your employer’s program. Unfortunately, insurance carriers can make the process very challenging, and you may end up in a difficult battle to get the payments you need.

An experienced Chicago short-term disability attorney can guide you through the process to help make sure you receive all the benefits you deserve.

The attorneys at Bryant Legal Group have years of experience helping employees file for short-term disability benefits. Our lawyers will help you gather and submit all the medical records and other information you will need to support your claim. Once your claim has been approved, you will also be required to provide ongoing evidence of your disability, typically on a weekly or monthly basis.

We know that the insurance companies aggressively monitor short-term disability claims and look for ways to terminate payments as early as possible. Our attorneys will assist you throughout the entire period of your disability, making certain the insurance company receives all required documentation so that you can continue to collect the benefits you are owed.

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Was Your Claim for Short-Term Disability Denied?

Insurance companies frequently deny short-term disability claims. Their reasons may vary, although they often claim that there’s insufficient evidence regarding your conditions or you made a mistake on the application. Some claimants are even denied short-term disability due to a pre-existing condition.

If your claim for short-term disability benefits is unfairly denied, our Chicago disability attorneys can help you appeal the decision. We know how the appeals process operates and we will take quick action to gather any additional evidence needed to support your claim. If the dispute cannot be resolved directly with the insurance carrier, our legal team will vigorously advocate for your rights in court.

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If you are filing a short-term disability claim or appeal, Bryant Legal Group can help. When you are injured or become ill and need to take time off from work, it is essential that you take all steps necessary to preserve your rights now and into the future.

Some disability policies require that you be awarded short-term disability benefits in order to file a claim for long-term benefits. This means that if you don’t aggressively pursue short-term disability benefits now, you may be precluded from collecting the long-term payments you may need down the road.

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Get the answers and insight you deserve. Our experienced disability insurance lawyers can evaluate your claim and help you understand all your legal options.

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Get the answers and insight you deserve. Our experienced disability insurance lawyers can evaluate your claim and help you understand all your legal options.

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