How to Appeal a Long-Term Disability Termination

How to appeal a long-term disability termination

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Your Guide to Getting the Disability Insurance Benefits You Deserve

Losing your long-term disability can create anxiety and unplanned financial strain for you and your loved ones. The loss of income that comes with a disability insurance termination can leave you feeling unstable and unsure of what to do.

However, there are ways to fight back, but you will need a plan. Overturning a long-term disability termination can be complicated, but it is not impossible—especially if you get help from an experienced disability attorney. 

Bryant Legal Group’s lawyers have been helping people get their short-term and long-term disability benefits for decades. We understand the complexities and rules surrounding individual or employer-sponsored disability policies. That is why we built this helpful guide, How to Appeal a Long-Term Disability Termination, which explains the appeal process. 

A Guide to the Appeals Process From Experienced Disability Insurance Lawyers

Disability insurance appeals are complex. You must identify the laws that apply to your claim, translate the legalese of insurance policies, follow strict rules and regulations, collect evidence, and analyze your claim’s strengths and weaknesses. Even seasoned professionals can fall into traps.

Our team of lawyers has experience navigating the appeal process and has created this guide to provide straightforward advice in plain English for you to understand and plan for the insurance company’s tricks. Using worksheets and structured plans, we are here to provide you with a starting point for your disability appeal.

In our disability appeal guide, we explore a variety of topics, such as:
  • Common reasons for disability termination

  • ERISA vs. private disability policies

  • Disability termination vs. recission

  • Steps to prepare for your appeal

How to Appeal a Long-Term Disability Termination

Did Your Insurance Company Unfairly Terminate Your Long Term Disability Benefits?

Most disability insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid paying out your benefits. Even if your short-term disability and long-term disability claims were initially approved, that does not mean you are safe from termination later on.

Some of the most common reasons for disability termination include:
  • Your policy’s definition of disability changed 
  • Policy limitations applied to your claim 
  • Your condition changed or improved 
  • Surveillance damaged your credibility 
  • You forgot to complete a form or provide an update 

Unfortunately, most claimants do not understand these common causes of disability termination or how know to fight back. Our lawyers have handled termination and recission appeals for decades and are here to help. In How to Appeal a Long-Term Disability Termination, we outline everything you need to know.  


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