Functional Capacity Evaluations and Long-Term Disability: A Claimant’s Guide

Functional Capacity Evaluations and Long-Term Disability: A Claimant’s Guide

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Practical Advice for Those Preparing for an FCE or Fighting an Unfair Ruling 

If you are currently working your way through a long-term disability claim, there is a good chance that you will be asked to take a functional capacity evaluation (FCE)—if you have not already.

Although not every claim will require one, an FCE report can be one the most powerful pieces of evidence in your entire disability case. Because they rely on supposedly “objective” measurements and standardized criteria, insurance companies value them highly—often even more than notes and recommendations directly from your treating physician.

But FCEs are a double-edged sword. While they may be essential to proving your disability, insurance companies can also use them to unfairly deny legitimate claims.

That’s why we wrote Functional Capacity Evaluations and Long-Term Disability: A Claimant’s Guide. In this free e-book, our experienced long-term disability attorneys explain what to expect from your FCE, why attorneys and insurance companies recommend or require them, and what to do if you do not agree with your result.

Functional Capacity Evaluations: Not Always as Objective (or Accurate) as They Seem

The premise behind a functional capacity evaluation is simple.

If you are planning to file a disability or workers’ compensation claim, you need to prove that your condition prevents you from working. But medical records and even physician statements alone are not necessarily going to provide that information conclusively—because they are focused primarily on physiology, pathology, and treatment, rather than how your condition affects your ability to perform work duties.

The functional capacity evaluation is designed to put the claimant through a series of standard physical tests, specifically designed to evaluate capacity to work. It’s supposed to be the link between a diagnosis and a determination of disability. And insurance companies weigh it heavily in their determinations.

But just because a test uses standard exercises and physical measurements does not mean it’s objective or fair. While an independent FCE can easily help you prove your claim, insurance company tricks or even just bad timing (or a bad examiner) can throw a wrench into your claim.

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Practical Advice on Handling Your FCE, From Start to Finish

Functional capacity evaluations are often stressful and frustrating, particularly when you aren’t sure what to expect or believe you are being treated unfairly. Unfortunately, a “bad” result could threaten the success of your entire disability insurance claim.

That is why knowledge is so important. In this free downloadable guide, you will learn:

  • What a functional capacity evaluation is, and what to expect during the 3-6 hours you’ll be taking it
  • Why both disability attorneys and disability insurance companies recommend (or sometimes require) them as part of long-term disability claim
  • Why they are not always as fair as they seem, including a breakdown of specific limitations and traps for the unwary
  • Tips to help you prepare for, and perform your best on, your functional capacity evaluation and give yourself the best chance at a result that helps (rather than hurts) your disability claim
  • What to do if you disagree with the results of your functional capability evaluation, and how an experienced disability attorney can help you fight back

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