Watch Out for These 4 Tactics in Your Prudential Disability Insurance Claim

Preparing your disability insurance claim with Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) can be complicated, nerve-wracking, and essential to your future.

Unfortunately, this process can go very wrong through no fault of your own. That’s because insurance companies like Prudential often use underhanded tactics to delay or deny valid claims. In this blog, we outline four common Prudential tactics to look out for.

Prudential Insurance Has a History of Denying Valid Claims

Prudential is one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services companies. In 2018 alone, the company earned more than $58 billion in revenue. The company often boasts of its awards for inclusivity, but at its core, Prudential is a for-profit company.

As much as we would like to trust that insurance companies like Prudential have our best interests at heart, the truth is that they frequently delay, reduce, and deny legitimate insurance claims. And Prudential’s adjusters have a history of unfairly denying benefits. For example, in 2014, Prudential paid a $40 million settlement to the families of 67,000 fallen soldiers after improperly denying the soldiers’ families full death benefits.

Disability Claim Denied by Prudential? Watch Out for These Tactics

Companies like Prudential sometimes deny valid claims to make huge profits for their shareholders. How do you know if you’re being mistreated by Prudential? Look out for these signs:

1. Minimizing Your Medical Evidence

When you submit evidence in support of your claim, like medical records, letters from your doctor or boss, or specialists, Prudential must carefully review all this information. However, adjusters sometimes cherry-pick medical records so they can claim that your conditions are less severe than they really are.

If your adjuster minimizes the importance of medical records or diagnostic tests, you should immediately contact a disability insurance lawyer for help. An attorney may be able to clarify your medical conditions and properly document their severity, and they can discuss your legal options if Prudential refuses to treat you fairly.

2. Claiming Paperwork Issues

Filing a long-term or short-term disability claim is notoriously challenging. Prudential may ask you to fill out multiple copies of forms because the originals were “never received” or because your medical records “were never updated.” The company will do this to wear you down and discourage you from fighting back.

Don’t give in to these tactics. Instead, work closely with your legal team and doctors to make sure you submit timely and accurate information. If the company continues to use paperwork issues to delay your claim, let your attorney know and they will come up with a strategy to address the delays.

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3. Denying Claims Based on a Consulting Doctor’s Report

Sometimes, insurance companies use third-party doctors to help evaluate claims. However, these doctors often never even meet claimants face to face. That’s because these doctors work for the insurance company and don’t care about your health or welfare; their only aim is to help the insurance company deny valid claims.

If the insurance company asks you to meet with a third-party doctor, it’s in your best interest to contact an attorney right away. Your attorney can advise you how to proceed and help you fight back if the insurance company uses a third-party doctor’s evaluation to deny your claim.

4. Failing to Communicate

With all the deadlines and critical details surrounding your disability claim, communication is key to making sure you submit everything the company needs. However, Prudential may deliberately fail to provide adequate communication in an attempt to confuse and discourage you. The company may only contact you sporadically, fail to give you complete or relevant information about your case, or switch case agents just to confuse you.

These tactics are underhanded and unfair. If you suspect you’re being bullied or mistreated by the insurance company, it’s time to contact an experienced disability lawyer today.

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