UNUM Disability Claims: 4 Things You Need to Know

Almost every day, we speak with people who have questions about their UNUM long-term disability claims. Unfortunately, that insurance company has a reputation for mishandling disability claims and unfounded benefits denials.

At Bryant Legal Group, we’ve handled countless UNUM disability claims and understand how the company operates. While nothing compares to a personalized assessment from one of our disability lawyers, here are four things you need to know about UNUM.

1. UNUM Is One of the Largest Disability Insurance Companies in the Country

UNUM is a giant in the disability insurance industry. Globally, the company’s policies cover 36 million people and almost 194,000 businesses. A Fortune 500 business, UNUM reported more than $11.5 billion in revenue and paid out a little more than $8 billion in insurance benefits in 2018.

In addition to group and individual disability insurance, UNUM also sells life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment policies. Its subsidiaries include Provident Life and Accidental Insurance Company and The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company.

2. Every State Insurance Commissioner in the U.S. Has Sued UNUM

UNUM has faced nationwide scrutiny for its unfair business practices and mishandling of claims. In 2003, every state insurance commissioner in the United States — along with the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and the U.S. Department of Labor — sued UNUM due to its systemic unfair claims processes.

UNUM settled with 48 states in 2004, paying $15 million in fines and agreeing to restructure its claims processing systems and reevaluate 200,000 disability claims. However, the State of California refused to accept the settlement, and its insurance commissioner alleged that UNUM was an “outlaw company.” Eventually, California entered a separate agreement with the insurer that included another $8 million fine and changes to the company’s statewide claims handling procedures.


3. UNUM Has Been Ranked One of the Worst Insurance Carriers in America.

In July 2008, the American Association for Justice (AAJ), an advocacy group for trial lawyers, ranked the United States’ ten worst insurance companies. It based these rankings on the company’s well-documented track record of improperly denied claims, fraudulent behaviors, and blatant disregard for claimants. The AAJ named UNUM the second worst insurer in the country.

While the insurance commissioners’ lawsuits played a significant role in UNUM’s ranking, the AAJ noted that even after UNUM settled its multiple lawsuits with the state insurance commissioners, it did not significantly improve its behaviors.

Three years after the settlements, UNUM had only reopened 10% of its eligible cases and was still denying valid claims. Today, experienced long-term disability lawyers are still winning cases against UNUM, convincing judges that its denials are arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to medical science.

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4. You Need an Experienced Disability Lawyer When You’re Fighting UNUM

When you’re dealing with a company like UNUM, you don’t want to go it alone; it’s too easy to make mistakes and missteps. Instead, it’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced disability insurance lawyer early on — even before you complete your application for long-term disability benefits. An attorney can clearly explain your legal rights and options while also building a practical strategy that focuses on both your immediate needs and long-term goals.

At Bryant Legal Group, we’ve handled thousands of disability claims — many of them against UNUM. Our lawyers implement immense skill and their decades of experience to fight for the benefits their clients deserve, using sophisticated and aggressive techniques.

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