Chicago Insurance Attorney David Bryant to Speak on Private Pay Options for Long-Term Care at Upcoming Illinois State Bar Association Program

Bryant Legal Group PC announces that Attorney David Bryant has been invited to speak at the Illinois State Bar Association, Elder Law Section Council’s fifth annual boot camp on April 26-27, 2018 in Chicago.  Attorney Bryant will discuss private pay options to cover the cost of home health care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other forms of care in the current long-term care environment.

A member of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Insurance Law Section, David Bryant is the founding partner of Bryant Legal Group PC – a Chicago-based law firm focused on helping policyholders collect insurance coverage and benefits.

Attorney Bryant has decades of experience assisting clients with all aspects of insurance coverage, from evaluating policies, to submitting claims, to litigating and appealing coverage denials.  He has a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry and offers particular insight into the financial challenges insurers across the nation are facing as more and more policyholders are seeking benefits under their long-term care (LTC) policies.

Regardless of whether the care is provided by a home health aide, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home, long-term care costs have exploded.  Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, insurance companies and corporations recognized that there was a growing demand from consumers for long-term care insurance plans.  These companies marketed long-term care insurance as a product designed to help sway people’s fears that they their savings would be depleted and they would run out of money trying to pay for future long-term care expenses.

While consumers purchased these policies to avoid potential financial hardships down the road, problems surfaced when the block of long-term care insurance policies began to mature.  As more and more policyholders filed claims for long-term care benefits, insurance companies found it increasingly difficult to pay these claims.  These struggles continue today with more and more companies coming to realize they had underestimated the exposure associated with their long-term care products.  Faced with tremendous financial challenges, many insurance companies are denying claims and pressuring their claims departments to thoroughly scrutinize every aspect of a claim before any payments for long-term care benefits are made.

In light of the current environment, consumers are increasingly asking whether they should purchase long-term care insurance.  Attorney David Bryant carefully monitors the financial conditions of insurance carriers and will share his experiences with and insights into the long-term care insurance market during this program.  He will also discuss various private pay options consumers may want to consider to fund the costs of long-term care, including savings and retirement income.

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