Life Insurance Policies and Claims

Helping Clients Navigate Life Insurance Policies and Claims

Life insurance is meant to give you peace of mind by providing financial support to your family when you pass away. Unfortunately, in many cases, recovering the benefits due under a life insurance contract can prove to be an extraordinarily challenging process.

Life insurance policies are complicated and many insurance companies are notorious for denying coverage and delaying payments to their policyholders and beneficiaries when a death occurs.

For these reasons, it is imperative to contact an experienced Chicago life insurance attorney.

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For me, David Bryant was the “knight on a white horse” coming to my rescue. My husband tragically passed away and through a recommendation of a friend, David Bryant was referred to me. My legal situation was extremely complicated and multi-faceted. David has expertise in multiple areas of the law and was stellar in every single situation. He went above and beyond in every instance and it was apparent that he was truly fighting for me and my young children. I shudder to think where me and my children would be today without the legal work of David Bryant. I am beyond blessed to have had him on our side, and even more fortunate to call him now a friend.

- Stacy

How a Chicago Life Insurance Lawyer Can Help You

The lawyers at Bryant Legal Group PC have vast experience counseling and representing clients in life insurance matters.

Our Chicago life insurance attorneys draw upon their deep knowledge of insurance law and the industry to help our clients address a wide range of life insurance-related issues, including disputes involving:
  • Changes in beneficiaries
  • Premiums paid by the insured or an employer
  • Coverage denials
  • Policy exclusions including cause of death
  • Accidental death and dismemberment policies

Ensuring That Family Members and Beneficiaries in Chicago, Illinois Get the Insurance Protections They Deserve

At Bryant Legal Group PC, we develop proactive approaches to help make certain our clients’ loved ones and beneficiaries receive the monetary protections they need and deserve.

Our Chicago life insurance lawyers frequently review our clients’ existing insurance policies to ensure they have appropriate and sufficient coverage in place. We also provide skilled guidance to clients who are considering purchasing new individual life insurance and/or looking to supplement policies that may be provided by their employers.

When a family member passes away a lawyer at our firm can help guide the surviving family members through the process of filing a claim for benefits. In many situations, there may be multiple insurance policies in place which can be very confusing to navigate without the assistance of a qualified attorney. The attorneys at our Chicago life insurance law firm will carefully review the insurance contracts and help you to take the necessary steps to collect all benefits you are entitled to under the policies.

In the event the insurance company denies coverage based upon an alleged policy exclusion, premium dispute or any other reason, our legal team will appeal the life insurance denial and, if necessary, challenge company’s actions by litigating matter in court.

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If you have questions about a life insurance product or are trying to file a claim for benefits, the attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC can help. The death of a loved can be very traumatic and no one should be burdened with battling powerful and difficult insurance companies on their own. The attorneys at our firm understand what you are going through and we will do everything possible to help you recover the benefits that you are owed. We also know that you may be concerned about costs and we will personally work with you to develop a flexible fee arrangement that you and your family members are comfortable with.

Please contact a Chicago life insurance attorney at (312) 634-6415 or email us at to provide us more information about your situation.

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.

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