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Streamline Your Application With Our Disability Insurance Claim Roadmap

At Bryant Legal Group, our Chicago insurance lawyers are devoted to helping policyholders navigate insurance contracts and resolve insurance claims with their carriers. We have decades of collective experience working with clients to obtain the benefits they are owed under their disability, life, and long-term care insurance policies. We know how insurance companies operate and understand the obstacles they will put in your way to prevent you from receiving the money to which you are entitled.

Learn How To Navigate A Disability Insurance Claim

Unlike the dense language of your insurance company policy, our Disability Insurance Claim Roadmap outlines the essentials of a short-term or long-term disability claim in plain English. It includes valuable resources that can help you streamline and simplify your claim.

  • What to expect during a claim
  • Glossary of common disability insurance terms
  • Worksheets and checklists to help you prepare your claim

Disability Insurance 101

Short-term and long-term disability insurance provides monthly benefits when you cannot work due to an illness, injury, or chronic health condition. Roughly one-third of Americans have some form of disability insurance, either as an employee benefit or through a private policy, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Because these policies are typically funded by for-profit insurance companies, their terms and conditions vary. As you start your disability insurance journey, you must review and understand your policy’s precise language. Otherwise, you might make mistakes that reduce or eliminate your monthly benefits.

To understand your policy’s requirements, you should review one of two documents: 
  • Plan Document or  Policy:  discusses all the terms and conditions of your coverage in detail. This document may be hard to read, but it is an authoritative source and will govern the requirements for benefits as well as what benefits you may be entitled to. 
  • Summary Plan Description:  outlines your policy’s most important rules and requirements, like how it defines disability, its filing deadlines, and any limitations it places on benefits. While easier to read, it will not provide as much detail as the Plan Document. 
As you review your policy’s language, consider  the following issues:
  • Whether you are disabled under your plan
  • How much you will get in benefits 
  • What laws apply to your claim 
Our guidebook includes tools and insight that can help you understand your policy’s precise terms and benefit formulas.

How Do I File A Disability Insurance Claim?

Once you understand the basic terms and conditions of your policy, you can start preparing your claim. This involves a lot more than just filling out an insurance company form, so you should not rush the process. 

  • Get organized and build your case
  • File your disability insurance claim 
  • Navigate the claims adjuster’s investigation 
  • Consider your appeal options (If needed) 
It is important that you follow these steps carefully, since a single mistake can jeopardize your disability insurance benefits. 

Getting Organized And Building Your Case

You will need a lot of information to complete your disability insurance application. The insurance company will ask for information about your diagnoses, symptoms, treatment plan, medications, and work history. You will find the process a lot easier and less stressful if you prepare in advance.

That is why our guidebook includes a series of worksheets and checklists that will help you prepare your claim. These tools can track your symptoms and doctor’s appointments, outline your work history, and make sure you have the essentials covered in your application.


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