Common Life Insurance Beneficiary Disputes

In the context of life insurance, it’s not at all that uncommon for the beneficiaries to be in conflict with one another — after all, the benefits amounts may be significant, and there may be inconsistencies in the distribution of benefits that were not known to the beneficiary prior to the death of their loved one.  For example, the spouse of the deceased may be surprised to find that the first wife of the deceased was actually the beneficiary at time-of-death, and therefore has a legitimate entitlement to the benefits at-issue.  This can quite clearly give rise to a dispute.

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So, what sort of beneficiary disputes are commonly encountered?  Consider the following.

Spousal Issues

Illinois does not automatically transition the primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy following divorce and remarriage.  If the insured gets remarried, it’s possible that they have forgotten to change the primary beneficiary of their life insurance policy to make it their current spouse.  Unless changed, the benefits will be paid out to the former spouse.

Coerced Changes to Asset Distribution and Beneficiary Designation

If the insured was in a particularly vulnerable position and/or was not mentally competent in the lead up to their own death (i.e., struggling physically and psychologically in a nursing home), then they may make changes to their life insurance distributions at the behest of someone who has become close to them in the interim period, such as their caretaker.  In some cases, the caretaker may even convince the insured to name them as a beneficiary, entitling them to assets that would otherwise belong to the other beneficiaries.

Under such circumstances, it may be possible to challenge the legitimacy of the changes made (to add the caretaker or other individual/entity as a beneficiary, or to change the distributions) by claiming that the insured was being unduly influenced or even coerced into doing so.


Changes to Designated Beneficiary Were Not Properly Executed

There are strict procedural requirements necessary for changing life insurance beneficiaries, and a failure to properly execute such changes (from a procedural standpoint) may undermine the legitimacy of those changes.  Though courts generally prefer to stick to the life insurance documents themselves when interpreting the intent of the insured, critical extrinsic evidence of a conflicting intent (when mere procedural issues prevented a change in the beneficiary designation) may be introduced to allow for the reformation of the life insurance contract in accordance with basic equity principles.

Contributing to the Death of the Insured

In Illinois, the Slayer Statute prohibits beneficiaries who intentionally and unjustifiably caused the death of another (i.e., the insured) from receiving life insurance benefits that flow from that death.  This statute was expanded to include prohibitions against beneficiaries who were previously convicted of or found civilly liable for offenses against the elderly or the disabled.  For example, if a beneficiary was found civilly liable for neglecting or abusing a disabled person, then they would be prevented from recovering benefits that accrue due to that victim’s later death.

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