Post-Concussion Syndrome and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

Sep 1, 2020 | Blog |

Most people who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion heal quickly, often within a month. However, not everyone is so lucky. Approximately 30% of people with concussions develop post-concussion syndrome (PCS), which can last a lifetime. If you live with PCS and can no longer work, you may be eligible for short-term or long-term disability benefits. In this blog, the experienced disability insurance lawyers at Bryant Legal Group discuss the essentials of a post-concussion syndrome claim. What Is Post-Concussion Syndrome? Post-concussion syndrome occurs when your mild TBI symptoms, like headache, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, and fatigue, […]

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Are Short- and Long-Term Disability Benefits Taxable?

Aug 26, 2020 | Blog |

Whether you’re interested in submitting a claim for long-term disability benefits, are currently involved in a disability insurance dispute, or are already getting benefits, chances are you’ve at least considered the tax consequences. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to the question, “are short- and long-term disability benefits taxable?.” Instead, it depends on your circumstances. At Bryant Legal Group, we’ve spent decades helping people navigate their disability insurance claims. In this blog, we’ll discuss the factors that will impact your long-term and short-term disability benefits’ taxability. Basics of Long-Term Disability Income Taxation The IRS addresses disability insurance benefit payments in Section 105 […]

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Variable Income: How Much Does Long-Term Disability Pay?

Aug 18, 2020 | Blog |

Many people receive variable income because they’re small business owners, salespersons, freelancers, or receive performance-based commissions or bonuses. If your income is variable on a day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month basis, you may be concerned about the potential impact on your disability insurance benefits. Insurers are always looking to minimize their costs, and if you have a variable income, they may try to underestimate your income to lower your benefits. As the insurance policyholder, however, you are entitled to challenge an insurer’s attempt to wrongfully deny, undervalue, and mishandle your claim. In this article, our disability insurance lawyers at Bryant Legal Group explain […]

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Kidney Disease and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

Aug 13, 2020 | Blog |

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is much more common than you think. About 37 million people live with CKD, and many more cases are undiagnosed. Kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States; every day, about 340 people start dialysis. Many people assume they need to be in kidney failure before they qualify for long-term disability benefits. At Bryant Legal Group, we help people get the disability insurance benefits they deserve, even before they require dialysis or a kidney transplant. Keep reading to learn more. What Is the Difference Between Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure? […]

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Dentists and Long-Term Disability

Aug 12, 2020 | Blog |

Dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, and other dental professionals often purchase long-term disability (LTD) insurance as a safety net. Many of these providers have built thriving businesses, and they know that an unexpected illness, injury, or disability can endanger everything they’ve worked for. However, you may be surprised to discover that dentists, like many other professionals, have a hard time getting the disability insurance benefits they deserve. At Bryant Legal Group, we represent dentists and other medical professionals in their ERISA and private disability insurance claims. Here, we outline some important factors you need to consider as you prepare your LTD claim. […]

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Lupus and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

Aug 7, 2020 | Blog |

An estimated 1.5 million people live with lupus in the United States, and roughly 16,000 more are diagnosed each year. If you’re living with this complicated disease, you know its challenges first-hand. Lupus is hard to diagnose and treat, and many people won’t understand how this “invisible” condition affects your life. At Bryant Legal Group, we’re here to help. Our lawyers assist people living with lupus and other autoimmune disorders through their disability insurance claims. In this article, we discuss the essentials of lupus-related claims and suggest some simple ways you can strengthen your application for benefits. (Please note that […]

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I’m Still Working. Can I Apply for Disability Insurance?

Aug 4, 2020 | Blog |

If you have a serious medical condition, you may worry that you’ll soon be unable to keep up with the demands of your job. In fact, one of the most common questions we hear is, “Can I apply for disability insurance if I’m still working?” The answer is that you typically cannot receive disability insurance benefits before you leave your job — but you can start preparing your claim. In this article, our disability insurance lawyers explain the basics of a disability insurance application. We’ll also give you a disability checklist that will help you prepare your claim. Chronic and […]

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How Long Can You Be on Disability Insurance for Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions?

Jul 28, 2020 | Blog |

When you live with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or another mental health condition, it can be hard to maintain employment. At Bryant Legal Group, we know how frustrating it is to suddenly find yourself unable to control your symptoms, especially if you’ve worked hard to build your career. Insurance companies, however, take a different view. Because they’re for-profit companies, insurers see long-term disability claims for mental health conditions as an expensive burden. That’s why insurance companies often add limitations and exclusions that can affect your ability to get long-term disability benefits for mental illness. Most (but not all) group long-term […]

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Are There Waiting Periods for Long-Term Disability?

Jul 21, 2020 | Blog |

When you’re unable to work due to an injury, illness, or chronic condition, the last thing you want to do is wait for disability insurance benefits. Unfortunately, many short-term and long-term disability policies contain “elimination periods” that must pass before you can receive compensation. What Is an Elimination Period? Under most disability insurance policies, you must wait a period of time before the insurer will pay out your benefits. This waiting period is called the elimination period. Most short-term disability policies have an elimination period of between 0 and 14 days. Long-term disability policies have varying waiting periods, but 90 […]

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UNUM’s Dirty Tricks: How to Beat an IME

Jul 17, 2020 | Blog |

Let’s be clear: there is nothing “independent” about UNUM’s medical examinations. The disability insurer works closely with a network of doctors and medical providers whose primary goal is building cases against you and other UNUM claimants. If an insurance adjuster schedules you for an IME (independent medical examination), you need to be prepared. However, you can beat a UNUM IME. As part of our UNUM series, Bryant Legal Group outlines the IME process, discusses some IME doctor tricks, and explains how you can protect your long-term disability claim from a damaging IME report. What Is an “Independent Medical Examination?” Most […]

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