Physicians often purchase private disability insurance coverage, and for good reason — you’ve made a huge investment of time and money into your profession. Given the challenging and labor-intensive nature of your work, you are incentivized to purchase disability coverage, which should protect you if you cannot perform your occupation’s demanding duties. However, many doctors aren’t sure if their disability policies offer them the peace of mind and protection they need.

At Bryant Legal Group, we can help you evaluate whether or not you are adequately insured and what may be required of you if you need to file a claim. For example, if you change your occupational duties or reduce your work hours due to a medical condition, you may have coverage under your policy’s Residual Disability or Partial Disability provisions. And if your insurer has denied, delayed, or otherwise mishandled your disability claim, you may be able to challenge the adverse decision. We encourage you to contact our lawyers for assistance with your benefits dispute.

Key Considerations in a Physician’s Disability Insurance Claim

At Bryant Legal Group, we represent physicians and other professionals in their complex disability insurance claims. While your situation deserves a personalized assessment from a respected attorney, you can expect that the following issues will factor into the success of your claim.

How Does Your Plan Define “Disability?”

Most high-end disability insurance plans, like those purchased by physicians, are likely to include an “own occupation” definition of disability. Sometimes, these plans even apply a “specialty-specific” own occupation definition of disability. Based on these rules, if you can show that your condition has impaired your ability to perform the primary duties of your current occupation or your particular specialty, you will qualify for disability benefits.

Insurers often misconstrue the nature of a physician’s particular occupation and duties. For example, an insurer might make assumptions about the “physicality” of your work that are not borne out in reality. With the aid of comprehensive documentary evidence and a vocational expert, however, you can introduce testimony that clearly defines the nature of your occupation.

When Should You Put In a Disability Insurance Claim?

As a physician, you have dedicated your life to your profession. But when you have a medical condition or suffer an injury that starts to interfere with your ability to practice medicine, it is your responsibility to consider whether or not a disability claim is appropriate. However, you don’t have to handle these issues alone. We are experienced at working through our physician clients’ claim-related issues, such as professional liability insurance coverage, hospital privileges, and protecting your confidentiality.

Talk to David Bryant and Get Answers to Your Disability Insurance Questions

David Bryant and Bryant Legal Group P.C. have a long-standing relationship with Emergency Care Partners affiliated physicians. Our firm represents numerous physician organizations in their disputes with commercial health insurance payers and disability carriers. We are a  boutique insurance litigation firm  whose attorneys have decades of experience advocating on behalf of insured persons covered by disability insurance, including physicians and other highly trained professionals. We understand the complexities and challenges typical of insurance disputes, from individual policies to group plans. We know how best to approach a dispute in order to secure a favorable result, and we will explore all options to resolve your claim efficiently.

If you have questions about private disability insurance coverage or a claim, you can reach out to David Bryant directly at or by calling (312) 235-4879. We will do our best to answer your questions and provide personalized advice about your claim.

The content  provided here is  for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.  

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