I’m Still Working. Can I Apply for Disability Insurance?

August. 4, 2020
l soon be unable to keep up with the demands of your job. In fact, one of the most common questions we hear is, “Can I apply for disability insurance if I’m...
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How Long Can You Be on Disability Insurance for Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions?

July. 28, 2020
her mental health condition, it can be hard to maintain employment. At Bryant Legal Group, we know how frustrating it is to suddenly find yourself unable to control your symptoms,...
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Woman waiting for her long-term disability benefits

Are There Waiting Periods for Long-Term Disability?

July. 21, 2020
condition, the last thing you want to do is wait for disability insurance benefits. Unfortunately, many short-term and long-term disability policies contain “elimination periods” that must pass before you can receive compensation....
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UNUM Independent Medical Exam

UNUM’s Dirty Tricks: How to Beat an IME

July. 17, 2020
medical examinations. The disability insurer works closely with a network of doctors and medical providers whose primary goal is building cases against you and other UNUM claimants. If an insurance...
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UNUM field visit

UNUM Field Visits: How to Protect Your Privacy and LTD Claim

July. 14, 2020
UM claims adjuster. “We’ll drive to your home to go over the paperwork.” They suggest an in-person meeting.Unfortunately, UNUM’s field visits aren’t always designed for your benefit. Like many long-term disability insurance...
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UNUM’s Dirty Tricks: Tying Compensation to Denied Claims

July. 7, 2020
us for denying long-term disability claims. At Bryant Legal Group, we fight for disabled claimants, helping them get the benefits they deserve. Over the years, we’ve handled many claims against UNUM,...
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Infectious Diseases and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

July. 1, 2020
seases can dramatically impact your life. Whether you’re dealing with coronavirus, influenza, MRSA, C. Diff, or another disease, you’ll likely need time to rest and recover before you return to...
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Woman reviewing her disability insurance policy

Denied Because You “Hid” a Condition From the Insurance Company? You Can Fight Back

June. 23, 2020
for years. Then, when you file a claim for disability insurance benefits, you get a letter saying you “hid” a medical condition, and your policy is canceled or void. How...
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Woman in a neck brace learning about disability insurance claims

What Do Own Occupation and Any Occupation Mean in Disability Claims?

June. 16, 2020
mply: you can’t work because of an illness, medical condition, or injury. However, when you apply for long-term disability insurance, you’ll discover that “disability” can mean many different things, depending on...
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What is ERISA

What Is ERISA? We Answer Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Questions

June. 11, 2020
isability insurance law. Online search engines often confuse disability insurance and Social Security, which can lead to confusion and bad advice. At Bryant Legal Group, we focus our practice on...
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Person in a wheelchair filing a Mutual of Omaha disability claim

5 Things You Should Know Before You File a Mutual of Omaha Disability Claim

June. 9, 2020
rs, offering both short-term and long-term disability policies to employers and individuals. While Mutual of Omaha isn’t as notorious as UNUM or MetLife, the company still has a significant history...
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