long term care vs long term disability

Long-Term Care vs. Long-Term Disability Insurance: Key Differences and Which to Choose

June. 7, 2022
No matter who you are, there is a very real chance you could someday lose your ability to work or care for yourself due to a disability or age. That’s...
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heart issues after having covid

Can I Get Disability for Heart Issues After Having COVID?

May. 17, 2022
Simply getting COVID-19 in the first place is bad enough. But for an estimated 30% of coronavirus sufferers, long-term side effects continue to linger long after the last positive test....
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when health care insurers negotiate contracts with healthcare providers

When Do Insurers Negotiate Contracts with Healthcare Providers?

May. 2, 2022
How comfortable do you feel with your current provider agreement with your commercial payors? If the answer is anything less than completely satisfied, then you may need to consider negotiating...
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disability and ra

Long-Term Disability and RA: A Claimant’s Guide

April. 21, 2022
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack its own tissues, can lead to debilitating side effects for those who suffer from it. In fact,...
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short term disability denial lawsuit

Denied ERISA Short-Term Disability Benefits? Follow This Appeal Checklist

April. 5, 2022
No one wants to get a claim denial letter from the insurance company for their short-term disability benefits. Unfortunately, it’s a far too common occurrence. Many people with legitimate disability...
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anxiety and long term disability

Anxiety and Long-Term Disability: A Claimant’s Guide

March. 21, 2022
Every year, millions of people suffer from an anxiety disorder, and for many, the symptoms can be debilitating. For those who suffer, the symptoms can sometimes be debilitating and leave...
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short term disability for carpal tunnel surgery

Can I Get Short-Term Disability for Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

March. 8, 2022
Millions of Americans suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), with hundreds of thousands of new cases developing each year. Unfortunately, many who suffer lose their ability to work, sometimes for...
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long covid disability benefits

Long COVID Disability Benefits: 7 Things You Need to Know

February. 22, 2022
If you or a loved one has had COVID, your symptoms may have long-term effects that interfere with everyday life, even months after your last positive test. This condition, known...
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no surprises act summary

Everything Doctors Should Know About the No Surprises Act

February. 17, 2022
Most physicians, especially those that work in hospital settings, have heard about the No Surprises Act. Many healthcare organizations, including the American Hospital Organization and American Medical Association, initially supported...
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UNUM Deny Disability Benefits

Can UNUM Deny Short-Term Disability Benefits Due to a Pre-Existing Condition?

January. 25, 2022
Pre-existing condition clauses and limitations are relatively rare in short-term disability insurance policies. However, you should never assume that UNUM did not sneak exclusions and exceptions into the fine print...
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disability for meniere’s disease

Meniere’s Disease and Long-Term Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

January. 6, 2022
Meniere’s disease affects hundreds of thousands of Americans every year and causes disabling pain and suffering to many. Unfortunately, those who file for long-term disability are often denied due to...
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