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January. 3, 2016
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Social Security Expedited Disability Claims

January. 3, 2016
disability benefits claims. One is to prevent homelessness. In fact, each Social Security local office has a designated staff member to handle such emergency situations.  Relevant POMS is below and...
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Medical Search Engine

January. 2, 2016
le for Medicine”. “Through our search engine, you can find the most relevant content from a variety of sources: medical journals, patient forums, government health sites, etc. We want to...
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The Inside Insurance Track

December. 9, 2015
ity to the insured/policy holder.  The “accept” button you push when you update licensing agreements with Apple or other software providers do not give you the ability to negotiate the...
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Social Security Dependent Benefits and Child Support

November. 11, 2015
s, a marital settlement agreement requiring the respondent to pay 32% of his net income for guideline child support of three minor children was found unconscionable.  In re Marriage of...
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AAJ Social Security Success! Seminar 2016

October. 14, 2015
scheduled a fabulous 2 day set of CLE courses "AAJ Social Security Success! Seminar" for March 17-18, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Mark your calendars now to attend this seminar...
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Jennifer Danish

Jennifer Danish Scheduled to Speak at ACI’s Litigating Disability Insurance Claims

October. 8, 2015
igating Disability Insurance Claims will be held January 21-22, 2016 at the Union League in Philadelphia, PA.  Jennifer Danish is scheduled to speak on a panel with John J. Myers...
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Bryant Legal Group PC will be closed for Labor Day

September. 4, 2015
or the Labor Day holiday. If you need to reach us, please go ahead and leave a message or send us an email and we will get back to you...
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2015 Justice Served Awards

August. 28, 2015
ir commitment to a safer, more just America. Tell us which story moves you the most (see our nominating criteria below), and we’ll enter you into a drawing for a...
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7th Circuit Court of Appeals Critical of Vocational Evidence in Social Security Disability Case

August. 24, 2015
to criticize the Social Security Administration's disability claim adjudication process in Alaura v. Colvin, decided August 18, 2015 (decision written by Judge Richard Posner).  The plaintiff, a 22-year old man was struck in the...
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Bryant Legal Group PC Receives 2015 Best Businesses of Chicago Award

August. 13, 2015
es 2015 Best Businesses of Chicago Award Chicago Award Program Honors the Achievement Chicago, July 30, 2015 — Bryant Legal Group PC has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses...
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