Under What Circumstances Can Your Health Insurance Claim Be Reasonably Denied?

February. 28, 2018
reasons — some justified, and some with minimal basis in reality.  As a policyholder, it’s important that you recognize that your insurer is not your ally.  Throughout the claims process,...
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David A. Bryant

Insurance Claim Related Litigation

February. 27, 2018
HaystackID's CISO, Lee Neubecker on Artificial Intelligence and the role computer bots play in rejecting insurance claims. Bryant discusses his past successful use of Neubecker's Computer Forensics consulting services to...
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Bad Faith Litigation in the Context of Illinois Health Insurance

February. 23, 2018
reasonable manner (that controverts with the expectations of legitimate claimants) that it puts the policyholder-claimant in a particularly difficult, vulnerable position.  Health insurers are always looking to minimize their liabilities,...
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Illinois Public Safety Employee Benefits

February. 14, 2018
Court issued a significant decision safeguarding healthcare benefits for injured public safety employees under the Illinois Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (“PSEBA”) (820 ILCS 320/1 et seq). In the case,...
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What Makes ERISA-Covered Plans Unique?

January. 31, 2018
curity Act (ERISA) in order to shield plan participants from management misconduct that could affect their assets. ERISA applies to a variety of private, employer-sponsored benefits plans, including retirement, disability...
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How Long-Term Disability Benefits Work

January. 30, 2018
ce” version of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) in that it operates as a wage replacement for those who are rendered incapable of working for an extended period of time...
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Do You Qualify for Private Disability Benefits?

January. 29, 2018
an employer (i.e., a group disability insurance plan, or subsidized individual disability insurance) or independent of one’s employer — and is highly advantageous when compared to public disability options, such...
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Can a Pre-Existing Condition Influence Your Health Insurance Claim?

January. 26, 2018
onditions were addressed on a federal level. Since Illinois is a guaranteed issue state, health insurance claimants in Illinois enjoy thorough protections with regard to their pre-existing conditions and the...
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Physicians’ Guide to Disability Insurance

January. 22, 2018
particular, purchased private individual disability insurance en masse in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Agents selling Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) policies flooded the market as insurance carriers competed for market...
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The Long-Term Care Financing Crisis: GE Struggles With Reinsurance Obligations

November. 20, 2017
e Long-Term Care Financing Crisis The costs of long-term care (LTC) for older Americans can be catastrophic, often reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime. ...
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Chicago Insurance Attorney David Bryant to Speak on Private Pay Options for Long-Term Care at Upcoming Illinois State Bar Association Program

November. 20, 2017
invited to speak at the Illinois State Bar Association, Elder Law Section Council’s fifth annual boot camp on April 26-27, 2018 in Chicago.  Attorney Bryant will discuss private pay options...
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