Nerve Damage and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

November. 12, 2019
g for others. Unfortunately, peripheral nerve disorders — such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and diabetic neuropathy — are sometimes difficult to diagnose and understand. In this blog, Bryant...
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Pre-Existing Conditions and LTD: 4 Things You Need to Know

November. 5, 2019
efits, meticulously filling out all the necessary information and submitting all of your relevant medical records. When you get the insurance company’s response, you’re shocked to see a denial of...
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Knee Replacement and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

October. 22, 2019
n can stop us from doing the things we love, and it can even rule out simple activities like taking a walk or sitting down comfortably to read a book....
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How to Talk to Your Doctor About Disability

October. 15, 2019
nefits, you’ll quickly realize how important your doctors’ opinions are to your claim. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable discussing their disability with their doctors and avoid these crucial conversations. In...
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Did MetLife Deny Your Claim? Here’s What You Need to Do Now

October. 8, 2019
ng-term disability insurance. Unfortunately, the company denies a large number of claims each year, and many deserving people are left in financial limbo. Before you give up and accept MetLife’s...
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5 FAQs About Private Disability Insurance Claims

October. 1, 2019
ation you’ll find addresses employer-sponsored disability plans. However, many people, especially self-employed individuals, purchase private or individual disability insurance as a safety net. You might not realize that private long-term...
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Lincoln Financial Disability Appeals: Avoid These Common Mistakes

September. 17, 2019
ed benefits from Lincoln Financial Group — and you may be running into red tape or other difficulties with your insurance adjuster. At Bryant Legal Group, we have extensive experience...
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Is Your Neck Pain Disabling? Ask Yourself These Simple Questions

September. 10, 2019
nditions a person can experience. It’s not uncommon for neck pain sufferers to struggle to keep up with the physical and mental demands of their jobs, which may force them...
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Sleep Disorders and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

September. 3, 2019
get less than seven hours of sleep each night, we’re more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and depression. Sadly, about a third of...
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Learn How a Disability Journal Can Help Your Disability Claim

August. 27, 2019
e countless questions about your symptoms, limitations, and daily activities. It can be difficult to articulate accurate, honest answers to questions about your ability to stand, lift, and walk. Thankfully,...
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4 Things You Need to Know Before Filing a Disability Claim With The Hartford

August. 20, 2019
years ago, it is the second-largest provider of group life and disability insurance in the United States. The insurance company expanded significantly in 2017, when it acquired Aetna’s disability insurance...
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