What Conditions Automatically Qualify You as Disabled?

January. 14, 2020
hat someone has said, “You have that diagnosis?! You’ll definitely get disability benefits.” While you may appreciate your loved one’s confidence, you may question the accuracy of their statement. Disability...
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Top Reasons Why UNUM Denied Your LTD Claim

January. 9, 2020
u’re not alone. Considered by many ERISA lawyers as the worst LTD insurer, UNUM sometimes uses aggressive and unfair tactics to reduce the number of disability insurance claims they pay out.  The Bryant...
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Helpful Disability Claim Tips From Our ERISA Lawyers

January. 9, 2020
n, especially when you love your profession. However, when you’re unable to work due to an illness, injury, or chronic condition, short and long-term disability benefits can provide financial security and peace...
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When Should I Take a Disability Insurance Settlement or Buyout?

December. 23, 2019
RISA dispute, the insurance company might offer you a settlement or buyout. While this offer might seem generous (and tempting) at first, you should be cautious. Insurance companies rarely offer...
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Why Vocational Experts Can Make a Difference in LTD Claims

December. 17, 2019
d history get a lot of attention. Your lawyer and the insurance company will pore over every diagnosis, test, and recommendation in your files. However, there’s more to an LTD...
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What Is Health Insurance Bad Faith?

December. 12, 2019
laying field. The balance of power favors big business. However, when these companies unreasonably deny healthcare claims, they can put you in a precarious and vulnerable position. That’s why insurers...
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Andrew B. Bryant

HIV, AIDS, and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

December. 10, 2019
and AIDS in the United States, you know that medical advances have significantly improved your treatment options and quality of life. However, even “manageable” HIV can seriously limit your ability...
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How Will the Court Review My Long-Term Disability Case?

December. 5, 2019
a de novo standard of review in long-term disability (LTD) claims if the coverage was issued or offered in Illinois. Judges can weigh all the evidence in your claim and do not...
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Common Reasons for Denial of Short-Term Disability Benefits

December. 3, 2019
n for disability claimants to feel as though their insurer is mishandling their claim — and this belief is certainly not formed without good reason.  Insurers are fundamentally incentivized to...
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Watch Out for These 4 Tactics in Your Prudential Disability Insurance Claim

November. 26, 2019
ce Company of America (Prudential) can be complicated, nerve-wracking, and essential to your future. Unfortunately, this process can go very wrong through no fault of your own. That’s because insurance...
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“Self-Reported” Symptoms: How to Fight Back With Medical Evidence

November. 19, 2019
long list of symptoms that don’t show up on an x-ray or MRI. These might include fatigue, nausea, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. While these conditions are very real, disability...
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