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Disability Insurance: Insurers May Conduct Surveillance

Nov 30, 2018 | Blog |

If you’ve submitted a claim for disability benefits with your insurance company or are interested in challenging the initial denial of benefits – whether such benefits are available through an individual plan or a group plan – then there’s a chance that your insurer will conduct surveillance on your activities.  Surveillance evidence (photos, video, text, audio, etc.) can be used to call into question the severity of your disability and could damage your ability to secure the benefits you’re rightfully owed. Insurers May Conduct Surveillance In the past, insurers would sometimes hire investigators to perform initial surveillance of disability claimants.  […]

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The Tax Consequences of Long-Term Disability Benefits

Nov 6, 2018 | Blog |

Whether you’re interested in submitting a claim for long-term disability benefits, are currently involved in a long-term disability insurance dispute, or have already secured benefits, chances are that you’ve at least considered the tax consequences of such benefits. In the private disability insurance context, plans can vary quite a bit, and as such, the tax consequences of receiving benefits can rather different from plan-to-plan. Let’s take a brief look at the basics. Basics of Long-Term Disability Income Taxation When you sign up for long-term disability coverage — whether your plan is provided through your employer or was purchased individually — […]

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Notifying the Insurer of a Change in Circumstances

Nov 6, 2018 | Blog |

In Illinois — and elsewhere — private disability insurance beneficiaries may find themselves in a somewhat confusing situation as they make significant progress over the course of their rehabilitation and recovery process. The source of this confusion is in the push-pull relationship between two fundamental issues in the disability context. Disability benefits recipients are entitled to benefits only if their condition is suitably disabling such that they are incapable of working, but they also have a duty to mitigate their losses. In other words: those who receive disability benefits must strive to recover from their disabling condition.  They must consistently work […]

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