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Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can face tremendous obstacles when they file a claim for disability insurance benefits. In many cases, insurance carriers will reject the claim, asserting that the medical professional’s condition does not preclude him or her from performing their occupational duties. These carriers often argue that the professional is only partially disabled and can still continue to perform to some degree of professional capacity. 

While physicians and other medical professionals may be able to work with a degenerative condition for months or even years by reducing their occupational duties as the condition worsens, they still may be eligible to collect disability insurance benefits. Take, for instance, a neurosurgeon who can no longer perform surgery but continues to see patients in a clinical setting and takes on the role of the practice administrator. Even though the surgeon is still working, he or she is doing so at a limited capacity with a lower salary.

In most cases if the reduction in income is 20% or more, the surgeon may be entitled to receive payments under a residual or partial disability policy. The problem is that when the surgeon changes his or her occupational duties within the practice over several years, the insurance carrier may attempt to redefine the surgeon’s role at a lower threshold. In doing so, the carrier will likely assert that the surgeon was a “practice administrator” at the time of his or her disability, making it much harder to collect the residual loss under the disability insurance policy.

Helping Medical Professionals Receive the Disability Insurance Benefits They Have Paid For

The attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC have extensive experience helping anesthesiologist, surgeons, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals collect the disability benefits they are rightfully owed. We harness our knowledge of insurance law and the tactics used by carriers to help our clients protect their rights and benefits at the onset of an illness or other medical condition.

Our disability attorneys have a full understanding of the own-occupation insurance policies held by most medical professionals. We work with professionals across all medical specialties to file claims that meet the definition of a disability under their carriers’ policies. Our team is well aware of the level of specificity that insurance companies demand and will work with your medical providers to produce the documentation needed to get you the benefits you have paid for. We can also help you secure the appropriate additional diagnostic testing (i.e., functional capacity testing, neurocognitive testing, quantitative EEGs and other additional tests) to help support your doctor’s opinion on your disability.

The disability attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC also have an understanding of how different insurance policies can work together or at odds. We believe it is critical to coordinate claims for different benefits – individual insurance policy disability claims, group short and long term disability benefits, life insurance waiver of premium claims, and business overhead expense claims. All of these policies can have different notice requirements and deadlines and different definitions of disability. We pride ourselves in maximizing our clients’ access to the benefits that they have paid for by assisting in keeping claims information clear and consistent.

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Whether your disability is due to an injury, illness or degenerative medical condition, when you work in the medical profession, it is critical to make sure you are taking the right measures to protect yourself today and into the future. The Chicago disability lawyers at Bryant Legal Group PC know what you are going through and are here to help you every step of the way. We will carefully review your situation and advise you on all benefits that you may be entitled to collect. Our team will act discreetly and work to preserve your privacy throughout the course of our representation. Call 312-561-3010 or email to schedule your confidential consultation.

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