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While many people dream of a having a professional sports career, very few have the skills, determination and ability to make a living as a professional athlete. Even for those who do make it to the pros, a disabling injury or illness can mean the end of a playing career. Sports are a very difficult way to make a living, and the physical demands associated with playing and training year-round generally means that the career of an athlete will be often be a short one.

Recognizing that athletes are at a constant risk for career-ending injuries, some insurance carriers offer disability policies to protect both professional athletes and collegiate stars. However, these insurance products work differently from traditional disability insurance policies. When an athlete becomes disabled, the carrier will either pay a lump sum benefit or provide disability payments for a limited period of time, such as a five-year period.

Helping Pro Athletes Battle Powerful Insurance Carriers

While athletes pay top premiums for disability protection, collecting the benefits due under their policies can be an extremely very difficult process. In many cases when an athlete files a claim for benefits, the insurance carrier will take quick action to deny the claim or reduce the benefits owed to the policyholder. The attorneys at Bryant Legal Group know far too well the tactics and strategies insurers use to limit payouts to athletes and will do everything we can to force your insurance carrier to live up to its contractual obligations.

Each Chicago insurance lawyer at our firm has extensive experience battling the insurance companies that offer disability policies to athletes who are at the top of their sports. We know what is required to perform at these levels and work with team doctors across specific sports to develop the necessary documentation to support our clients’ disability claims. When necessary to successfully pursue a claim or challenge a denial of benefits, our team will coordinate efforts with leading medical professionals who can provide the most advanced diagnostic testing and medical evaluations. Our objective is to make sure we have all the evidence and support we need to demonstrate that your disability claim meets the specific terms and conditions set forth in your policy.

Discuss Your Situation With a Lawyer at Our Firm

If you are an athlete who has suffered a potentially career-ending injury or illness, you need to speak with an experienced insurance attorney as soon as possible. While getting the benefits you deserve under any type of disability policy can be an uphill battle, collecting benefits from the insurance carriers who issue special policies to athletes can be extraordinarily challenging. When a policyholder makes millions of dollars a year on the field or on a court, the insurance carrier is likely to do everything within its power to limit payments under the terms of the policy.

When you work with the attorneys at our firm, we will carefully examine your policy and work with you to help you collect all benefits that are owed to you. Contact our Chicago disability law firm today to schedule a consultation by phone at 312-561-3010 or email at

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