Shoulder Pain and Disability Insurance: A Claimant’s Guide

November. 17, 2020
Shoulder pain is incredibly common: about 18–26% of all adults will experience it in their lifetime. While some of us will recover relatively quickly, many people with shoulder problems experience...
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Is Seeing Believing? Disability Insurance Surveillance and Credibility

November. 17, 2020
Disability insurance companies frequently use video surveillance and other tactics, hoping to prove you’re exaggerating your symptoms. While no one likes the feeling of being watched, most surveillance is harmless....
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Short-Term Disability?

November. 3, 2020
At Bryant Legal Group, we know how short-term disability benefits can provide much-needed peace of mind and financial security while you deal with a disabling illness, injury, or chronic condition. However, short-term...
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Long-Term Disability for Nurses: Get the Benefits You Deserve

October. 28, 2020
Nurses and other healthcare professionals spend their days focused on other people’s health and wellness. However, when healthcare workers find themselves unable to work due to their own chronic health...
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How to Apply for Disability Insurance: A Professional’s Guide

October. 21, 2020
At Bryant Legal Group, we get a lot of phone calls from high-income professionals, including doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, who need to file a long-term disability insurance claim. Many of these...
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Should I Take UNUM’s Disability Claims Settlement?

October. 19, 2020
UNUM doesn’t want to pay out your long-term disability (LTD) benefits. UNUM is a for-profit company that’s much more interested in its shareholders’ happiness and profitability than your welfare. However, the company...
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Can I Get Short-Term Disability for Alcohol Addiction and Substance Use?

October. 15, 2020
Substance use affects every social, economic, and demographic group. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 19.7 million people (aged 12 and above) struggle with some...
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4 Things Doctors Need to Know About Provider-Payer Disputes

October. 6, 2020
Our healthcare environment becomes more complex every year. While your organization may feel comfortable handling some provider-payer issues in-house, many medical groups are discovering that the insurance companies and other...
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Reporting Changed Circumstances to the LTD Company: When Is It a Good Idea?

September. 29, 2020
If you’re receiving long-term disability benefits, you may find yourself in a confusing situation. It’s not uncommon for disabled people’s conditions to improve (or ebb and flow). However, the disability...
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Long-Term Disability vs. Social Security: What’s the Difference?

September. 22, 2020
When you’re unable to work due to a serious injury, illness, or chronic condition, you’ll get a lot of advice. “File for disability” is a common suggestion that doctors, colleagues, and loved ones may offer. But, you’ll quickly...
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How to Apply for Short-Term Disability Benefits in Illinois

September. 16, 2020
As a professional or entrepreneur, you’ve worked tirelessly to build your practice or business. When a health issue or injury makes it impossible for you to do your job, you’ll...
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